Elevate Your Life

Elevate your life.

Step into becoming a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself!

YOU deserve it!

Are you tired of being tired or functioning in a fog? Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, anxious and want to incorporate healthy sustainable habits that will elevate your life?

I’m Patricia, and I’ve been there. I am a transformational Health and Life coach who helps women feel comfortable in their bodies, release stress and double their energy so they can live their healthiest, most empowered lives NOW. My passion is to help you be an empowered author of your OWN life. Are you ready to awaken the best,  most vibrant and joyous version of yourself? Ready to double your energy and feel ALIVE? I’m here to show you the way. Together we will work to help you step into a life full of purpose and energy that feels connected and authentic with what matters most to YOU!

…Because JOY matters!


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"During our weekly sessions, Patricia helped me identify areas in my life that I wanted to improve and helped me figure out ways to make those improvements. She helped me envision the person I wanted to be and how to take steps to become that person. Because of her, I’ve changed my way of thinking which leaves me with more energy to focus on positive changes in my life:)"

“So knowledgeable, Patricia is defiantly your go to for Health and Life Coaching. She inspires us all to do more and be more in such a beautiful way.”

“If you need to nourish your soul...this is it”

This program is a “must” for everyone - even if you think you have it all figured out! Patricia has a gift - of truly knowing what you need. She customizes each session according to your needs and the resuts are Fan-tas-tic!!